Attendance Office: 820-8860

If your child misses school, a parent/guardian can come into the attendance office, send a signed, handwritten note (no e-mails), or call the office at (210) 820-8860 within two (2) school days to excuse the absence. After 2 days the absence will be unexcused. Our automated attendance calling system (School Messenger) sends out phone calls/emails daily for any classes missed that were not already excused. This gives parents a reminder in case you forgot to call or send in a note to excuse an absence.

If your child needs to leave during the day for an appointment, a parent/guardian must call the office or send a signed note stating the time the student needs to be dismissed. We encourage this to be done at the start of the school day so the information can be recorded in the system and we can prepare the blue dismissal slip. If we have already received notification, the parent does not need to come into the office to physically sign out the student at the time they are being picked up (i.e. your child can check out in the attendance office and meet you outside, so you don’t have to park and walk in). If we have not received notification in advance that the student needs to leave during the day (and the parent is coming in to pick up the student), PLEASE ALLOW TIME for the office to send for the student to be dismissed from class. Students are NOT allowed to leave campus until we have heard from a parent and issued the blue dismissal slip. If a student leaves during a class period, they will be ‘absent’ for that period if they are not present for at least 40 minutes. Please refer to the bell schedule to help you in planning appointments. If possible, it is less disruptive to the learning environment to leave between class periods.

If a student comes in late or will be returning to school later in the day, THEY MUST CHECK IN and receive a blue admit slip in the attendance office before they return to class. Students are marked out for the day when the check out so it’s important to check into the attendance office upon return to get checked back in (otherwise the student remains ‘absent’ from class in the system). Students returning from a medical appointment must turn in their doctor’s note when they check into the attendance office.

Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to go off-campus at lunch. Parents/guardians who would like to take their Freshman or Sophomore to lunch will need to come into the attendance office at lunch and sign the student out in the Attendance Office. No phone calls are accepted to dismiss a Freshman or Sophomore to leave campus for lunch. Team lunches that occur off-campus require a signed permission form for underclassman to participate. Coaches are responsible for distributing/collecting these forms.

Extended Absences - Requests for assignments, beginning with the second day of absence, may be made directly with the teacher via the teacher’s webpage.

Excessive Unexcused Absences
– An appropriate administrative action will be taken to enforce the compulsory attendance law.

  • 1st Warning Notice will be sent when the student has 3 unexcused absences. Warning notice only.
  • 2nd Warning Notice will be sent when a student has 5 unexcused absences. Student will be assigned a 4 hour Saturday detention to serve as a consequence.
  • 3rd Warning Notice will be sent when a student has 7 unexcused absences. Parent conference will be scheduled.
  • Final Warning Notice will be sent when a student has 10 unexcused absences. This will result in truancy charges being filed with the Municipal Court of San Antonio.

Please refer to the Student Handbook under the "Students & Parents" section for further information on attendance policies and procedures.

Updated: June 6, 2016
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