Algebra III

About this course:

Algebra III students continue to build on the Algebra II foundations as they expand their understanding through other mathematical experiences. Students use algebraic, graphical, and geometric reasoning to recognize patterns and structure, to model information, and to solve problems. Students use a variety of representations (concrete, numerical, algorithmic, and graphical), tools, and technology to solve problems. The topics include parent functions, transformations, piece-wise functions, simplifying radicals, zeros of functions, complex numbers, inverses, composites, and trigonometric functions.

Prerequisite: Algebra II

Pace – New sections are covered, on average, every 2-3 weeks. Students
    are expected to read materials in preparation for class instruction. 

Depth – Concepts are aligned with TEKS and expanded with AHISD
    expectations, in order to achieve the level of math proficiency necessary
    for college and career readiness. Students are expected to justify their
    work orally, algebraically, and in clear, concise, well-written sentences. 

Assessment – Comprehensive tests are given, on average, every 2 weeks.
    Quizzes or alternate assessments are generally given weekly. 
Homework – On average, a student is 120 minutes of homework per
     week, to reinforce and enrich classroom concepts.

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