Algebra Block

Algebra I is the foundation course in the formal mathematics sequence. Students use a variety of representations (concrete, numerical, algorithmic and graphical), tools and technologies. Students will model mathematical situations to solve meaningful real world problems with a focus on linear and quadratic functions, real numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, solving and graphing equations and inequalities in one or two variables, factoring polynomials, radicals and exponents. This course is intended to provide the mathematics necessary for the successful study of Geometry and Algebra II.

Pace – New units are covered, on average, every 2 – 4 weeks. Typically, a
   new topic or expansion of topic will be covered each day. The block class
   meets for two consecutive periods every day. During the 50 minutes,
   students are introduced to either a new topic or an expansion of a topic
    from the previous class. During the second hour, students will have guided
    practice on the skills they have learned.
Depth – Concepts are aligned with the TEKS and expanded with AHISD
   expectations. Students are expected to show all the necessary steps, as
   appropriate for the topic being covered, in order to justify their work.
Assessment – Comprehensive tests are given, on average, every 2 – 3 weeks.
    Additional assessments may also include projects, quizzes and other
    formative assessments.
Homework – Students are generally not assigned homework to do outside of
    the classroom. However, the expectation is that students will spend some
    time reviewing what they have learned in class each evening. 

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