Class Rank / GPA


AHHS calculates GPA and Class Rank for:

Junior Students
    *  By October using their 4 semesters of course work for the first time;
    *  It is updated again in June after their junior year using their 6 semesters of course work;

Senior Students
           *  In September the class rank is recalculated with the 6 semesters, plus any summer school and new students
              factored into the rank  (this is the rank most seniors use for college applications and most colleges use
               for their admission decisions),
            *  In January of their senior year (7 semesters of course work)
            *  After finals and before graduation again (8 semesters of course work)


Rank in class shall be determined by grade averaging, which includes grades earned in all credit courses taken in grades 9-12, excluding:

  • PE/PE equivalent grades,
  • P.E. waivers,
  • Night classes,
  • Correspondence courses,
  • Summer school courses taken outside AHISD,
  • Grades made through credit by exam,
  • Credit recovery,
  • Grades 13 earned outside the U.S.A,
  • Courses earned with a pass/fail grade, and
  • Courses taken at Robbins Academy.
Starting with courses taken in the 2010-2011 school year, grades of 70 and above in GT, Pre-AP/AP, and DC courses shall earn extra points based on a multiplier of 1.1.

The weighted grades are used in computing grade average and rank-in-class; however, numerical grades on the transcript do not reflect the added points.

If a student takes a course and fails it, the failing grade is calculated into his cumulative grade average. If the student takes the course again, the second grade (whether passing or failing) is also calculated into the cumulative grade average.

Records of students who transfer in from out-of district schools shall be evaluated as follows:
  • Alamo Heights High School will accept as Pre-AP/AP and DC any course so designated on the official transcript from a previous school.
  • Bonus points will not be awarded for courses taken in summer school or for Pre-AP/AP, Enriched, and Honors courses not offered at Alamo Heights High School.

How to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Scale

Colleges report GPA (grade point average) on a 4.0 scale. The top grade is an A, which equals 4.0. This is the College Board conversion scale below:

A+ (97-100) = 4.0
A   (93-96)   = 4.0
A-  (90-92)   = 3.7

B+ (87-89)   = 3.3
B   (83-86)   = 3.0
B-  (80-82)   = 2.7

C+ (77-79)   = 2.3
C   (73-76)   = 2.0
C-  (70-72)   = 1.7

D+  (67-69)        = 1.3
D    (65-66)        = 1.0
E/F (below 65)   = 0.0

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