About Me...

About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. Garcia

SCHOOL: Robbins Academy

CLASS: Biology I; Integrated Physics and Chemistry; Chemistry; Physics; Anatomy and Physiology; Environmental Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 210-820-8850

Steps for Success!

I'm proud to be a part of the family at Alamo Heights High School Robbins Academy and to be 

your Science teacher! The science courses at Robbins Academy are challenging and my goal is to 

provide you with a fun, safe, caring, thought-provoking, and challenging 

learning environment. 

In order to encourage you to become the best scientist you can be I expect 

you to:

     *listen and participate in group discussions/lectures

     *have your materials ready (agenda, assignments, books, notebook,     


     *bring an open mind that is ready to learn new concepts

     *review your Science Journal  

     *challenge yourself to find connections with what we covered in class  

      to observations you make in your world

     *and, most importantly, reflect on what you've learned in class

You are the master of your own destiny and the steps you choose to take will 

reflect your success in our class. I will be there for each step and will 

celebrate your success with you!

Mission For The Class

It is my goal to foster within each of my students a love for learning and 

the self responsibility of acquiring the knowledge and skills required to 

succeed in class.


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