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Course Overview0.doc
ch 1  Leading a Healthy Life
Ch 01 (Leading a Healthy Life).ppt
ch 2  Skills for a Healthy Life
Ch 02 (Skills For A Healthy Life).ppt
ch 3  Self-Esteem & Mental Health
CH 3 (self esteem & mental health).ppt Mental Disorders.docx

Mental Disorders RUBRIC.docx

Personality & Self-Esteem Tests0.doc
ch 4  Managing Stress & Coping With Loss
CH 4 (Managing Stress and Coping With Loss).ppt
ch 5  Preventing Violence & Abuse
Ch 05 (Preventing Violence and Abuse).ppt
ch 6  Physical Fitness
Ch 06 (Physical Fitness).ppt Designing a Fitness Plan rubric.xls

Designing a Fitness Plan.doc
ch 7  Nutrition
Ch 07 (Nutrition)0.ppt Nutrient Review Chart.xls
ch 8  Weight Management & Eating Disorders
Ch 08 (Weight Management & Eating Disorders).ppt Nutrition Analysis Project Procedures0.doc

Daily Food Log.xlsx

Nutrition Analysis Grading Rubric1.xls
ch 9  Understanding Drugs & Medicines
Ch 9 (Understanding Drugs & Medicines).ppt
ch 10  Alcohol
Ch 10 (Alcohol).ppt
alcohol resources.doc
ch 11  Tobacco
Ch 11 (Tobacco).ppt Tobacco Poster Procedures.doc

Tobacco Poster Project Rubric.doc
ch 12  Illegal Drugs
Ch 12 (Illegal Drugs)0.ppt Drug Chart (multiple drug)0.xls

Drug Abuse Project Procedures0.doc

Drug Abuse Project Rubric.doc

Alcohol, Tobacco & Illegal Drug Treatment & Prevention Post.doc
ch 13  Infectious Diseases
Ch 13 (Infectious Disease).ppt Infectious Disease Project Procedures.doc

Infectious Disease Project Rubric.doc
ch 14  Lifestyle Diseases
Lifetime Health Ch 14.ppt Family Medical History & Life Plan Project.docx

MedlinePlus Health Information from the National Library of.url

Your Personal Medical History.xlsx
ch 15  Other Diseases & Disabilities (Immune & Autoimmune Diseases)
Lifetime Health Ch 15.ppt
ch 16  Adolescence & Adulthood
Lifetime Health Ch 16.ppt
ch 17  Marriage, Parenhood & Families
Lifetime Health Ch 17.ppt
P.A.P.A. (Parenting And Paternity

Parenting And Paternity Awareness LINKS.docx



ch 18  Reproduction, Pregnancy & Development
Lifetime Health Ch 18.pptx
ch 19  Building & Maintaining Responsible Relationships
Lifetime Health Ch 19.ppt
ch 20  Risks of Adolescent Sexual Activity (STDs)
Lifetime Health Ch 221.ppt
ch 21  HIV & AIDS
Lifetime Health Ch 21.ppt And The Band Played On.docx

Juno Video Worksheet.docx

Final Exam Review1.doc

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